To be recognised globally for promoting knowledge for development through authoritative policy research, training and advocacy. 





ISSER's mission is to carry out activities that would promote the socio-economic development of Ghana in particular and Africa in general. Specifically, the Institute is expected to undertake research in the social sciences, and promote human resource development that: 

  • Have immediate bearing on the problems and the development needs of Ghana in particular and Africa in general;
  • Relate to special assignments from government and other agencies as a way of providing guidance, support and advice;
  • keeping with the academic purposes of the University: especially in relation to advanced teaching, enriching and adding to the teaching and effectiveness of institutional programmes in the social sciences; and
  • Serve to monitor and evaluate the effects of development policies, projects and programmes both in terms of their objectives and general consequences.


ISSER's goal is to be recognised as a centre for comprehensive and sustained research and training in the social sciences.