ISSER/YALE Ghana Socio-economic Panel Survey


ISSER and the Economic Growth Center (EGC) at Yale University, USA, are undertaking a comprehensive household survey of 5,000 households in 334 enumeration areas in Ghana. The principal objective of this project is to provide a new data base for carrying out a wide range of studies of the medium- and long-term changes or lack of changes that take place during the process of development. Funding for the Ghana Panel Survey is provided by the Economic Growth Center at Yale.  The survey is being designed collaboratively between the EGC and ISSER.  ISSER will supervise and carry out the survey, aimed at producing a resulting data set that would be representative of the nation.
Adult respondents in the baseline survey would be interviewed every three years regardless of where each individual or household might have moved to over the interval. The data set will provide a foundation for the investigation of the large set of issues that have remained outside the scope of scientific analysis because of the short time frame and narrow methodological focus of most existing surveys in developing countries. The survey is meant to remedy a major constraint on the understanding of development in low-income countries - the absence of detailed, multi-level and long-term scientific data that follows individuals over time and describes both the natural and built environment in which the individuals reside.