1. The Impact of Agro dealer Training on Input Adoption and Farmers Productivity in 3 Regions in Niger: 
  2. Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa
  3. Gender and Enterprise Development in Africa :  A cross-Country Comparative Study
  4. Global Bio-Energy Partnership Sustainability Indicators in Ghana
  5. Promoting Participatory and Evidence Based Agricultural Policy Processes in Africa.
  6. Innovative Models for Secondary Education in Africa Scope of Work.
  7. Skills Defined by Curricular in sub-Sahara Africa Scope of Work.
  8. A Follow-up Impact Assessment Survey of the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty-LEAP
  9. Impact Evaluation Survey of the Labour Intensive Public Works (component of GSOP)
  10. Informal Economy Monitory  Study: ‘State of the Urban Informal Economy’
  11. Green Economy Scoping Study
  12. Urban Africa
  13. Development of the Export Pineapple Industry in Ghana
  14. Reviewing Fertilizer Price Build Up for Possible Intervention by Government