The ‘Reinforcing Agro dealer Network’ project intervention was to train agro dealers to improve upon their agricultural input supply practices, particularly that related to ordering and distribution of inputs. This project covered agro dealers from three regions in Niger, namely Maradi, Zinder and Tahoua. The impact evaluation utilised both quantitative and qualitative research methods. The main evaluation questions being looked at in this study included the following: (i) Does strengthening agro-dealers’ capacity to supply agricultural inputs improve smallholder farmers’ access to and use of  agricultural inputs? (ii) Which constraints affect the adoption and use of agricultural inputs by farmers and what is the impact on usage?



  1. Prof Robert Darko Osei
  2. Prof. Felix Asante
  3. Dr. Isaac Osei-Akoto
  4. Dr. Ama Fenny
  5. Ms. Pokuaa Adu
  6. Mr. Louis Hodey