Dr. Simon Bawakyillenuo attended the 5th Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institute (RENAPRI) Stakeholders’ Conference in Zanzibar, Tanzania, on the theme"Unlocking the Region's Agricultural Potential through Land Reform, Youth Employment and Markets," from 28th to 29th November 2018.

The conference sought to create a platform for strategic dialogue on evidence of agricultural transformations through: taking stock of the emerging trends in farm size distributions and the implications for agricultural development policies; investigating the potential employment opportunities for youth and women in the agri-food system; anticipating the 5-year outlook for key commodities within the context of rapidly changing agricultural systems, both regionally and globally; enhancing engagement of African Parliamentarians and government officials on issues pertaining to African agricultural transformations; and assessing the operational feasibility of alternative policy options.  Dr. Simon Bawakyillenuo, actively participated and was empanelled among four other researchers on Day One, to discourse the topic “Industrialization of Agriculture: Implications for Youth Skills Development”.

Dr. Simon Bawakyillenuo also took part in the Luncheon meeting on Day Two, held by the City of Tshwane, South Africa regarding the African Sister Cities Initiative (ASCI).Participants of this Luncheon were taken through the foundations of ASCI and were updated on its current status. Also, there were presentations on possible partnership models; sharing of information on the proposed baseline assessment and M&E model; and finally, the participants discussed the next steps to actioning the ASCI.

The Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes’ (ReNAPRI) was formed in 2012, is an "African-led, African-driven" network of agricultural research and policy institutes within the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) region.  

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