I warmly welcome you to the ISSER family of faculty, staff and students for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Permit me to specially congratulate our fresh men and women on being able to join ISSER, whose reputation for cutting-edge research and scholarly excellence is global.

Our Institute started life in 1962 under the name, Institute of Statistics, designed to provide a programme of teaching and research in statistics. In 1969, the Institute of Statistics was reorganized and renamed the “Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research” or ISSER for short—its mandate expanded to include research in the social sciences for purposes of producing evidence- and knowledge-based solutions for policy advocacy and national development. In September this year, ISSER will be 50 years, and we intend to celebrate this golden jubilee in style.

In the broader context of the University’s collegiate system, ISSER is a predominantly research-based institute within the College of Humanities. ISSER’s vision is to be recognised globally for promoting knowledge for development through authoritative policy research, training and advocacy and its mission is to carry out activities that would promote the socio-economic development of Ghana in particular and Africa in general.

While ISSER offers you limitless opportunities and experiences for personal, scholarly, and intellectual growth, you have an institutional duty, as either student, staff, or faculty, to actively participate in and contribute to the continuous advancement of ISSER’s research integrity and scholarly traditions as to achieve ISSER’s vision and mission.

You are all encouraged to make the maximum use of the resources available, particularly the library, computers, as well as the multi- and inter-disciplinary ambience.

I wish you all a very productive academic year.



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